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Air heaters


Easy to install and maintain.

Copper tube exchanger and thick aluminum fins.

Galvanized turbine fan.

Horizontal configuration.

Optional air filtration.

IP55 dust resistant motor.

Fixed or variable speed.

Models of 70 – 100 - 150 MBtu/hr.

Custom dimensions tailored to your needs.

We offer a range of manufactured hot water heaters made
of galvanized steel including silent centrifugal fan.

Our coils (radiators) are mounted on hinges
to facilitate maintenance.

Available Power Supplies
Voltage Phase(s) Frequency
120 Volts 1 phase 60 Hertz
240 Volts 1 phase 60 Hertz
208 - 260 Volts 3 phases 60 Hertz
460 Volts 3 phases 60 Hertz
600 Volts 3 phases 60 Hertz

Also Available on Request

Low temperature air heaters for condensing boilers.

Standard Air Heater Models
Water Motor
GPM Fall of
The powers are calculated according to a standard use,
water inlet at 180°F and the air inlet at 60°F
SET-AVI-70 70 000 4.5 0.92' WG 1/2 H.P.
SET-AVI-100 100 000 6.5 1.26' WG 3/4 H.P.
SET-AVI-150 150 000 7 1.71' WG 1 H.P.
Air heater in poultry house
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